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A Journey from Israel to Palestine

From: Canada Since 1960: A People's History


It was nearly four years after Canadian Dimension’s first issue that the subject of Israel appeared in its pages. And it was many years later before Palestine and Palestinians assumed a place of importance at the table of discussion. This long journey of “rediscovery” of the land and people of Palestine, unearthed from a superimposed Israel, is not unusual in Canadian progressive circles. But the fact that Canadian Dimension made that journey, and arrived where it is today, is an achievement to acknowledge and welcome.


Mordecai Briemberg

Mordecai Briemberg is a Rhodes scholar, a former university professor and, above all, a political activist for more than fifty years in Vancouver, BC. He has been continuously active in antiwar work, in Palestine solidarity activities, and in advocating in defense of free speech. He edited the book It was, It was not - Essays and Art on the War against Iraq, published in 1992. For thirty years he was a member of the RedEye collective of Vancouver Cooperative Radio.