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Changing the Face of Canadian Politics


Alexa McDonough’s impact on Canadian politics cannot be measured solely by election victories or seat tallies. As the first female leader of a mainstream Canadian political party, she helped transform Nova Scotian and Canadian politics. In the process, she transcended party affiliation and gender to become simply "Alexa" to Canadians across the country.


Stephen Kimber

Stephen Kimber is Professor of Journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax and an award-winning writer, editor and broadcaster. He is the author of nine non-fiction books, including What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five.
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A brief look at Alexa’s entry into the political fray and the women who inspired, supported, and pushed her to make such a difficult decision. Also a glimpse of the relationship and history … 6 $0.60


Delving into Alexa’s past by looking at the history of her parents. From the tumultuous relationship of her maternal grandparents to her paternal grandfather’s involvement in the … 24 $2.40


Starting with her childhood foray into ballet and its effect on her outlook and discipline, this chapter continues to chronicle Alexa’s educational pursuits. Includes her study in the field … 34 $3.40


The budding of Alexa’s political career, the chapter explores her flirtation with the Liberal Party and her commitment to civic service and progress in Halifax, all while dancing ever … 38 $3.80


Chronicles her time at the head of Nova Scotia’s NDP, and as the province’s only NDP MLA. Explores her work and legislative battles, her passion, charisma, and magnetism, as well as … 58 $5.80


Focusing more on her personal life, this chapter chronicles Alexa’s divorce, the loss of her father to Alzheimer’s, and the twilight years of her time as the leader of the NDP. 31 $3.10


Switching her focus to the federal stage, Alexa takes on the challenge of federal leadership. Chronicles her leadership and electoral campaigns, and the personal connections made along the way. 61 $6.10


Looks at Alexa’s tenure as president at Mount Saint Vincent University and the early onset of her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Details her triumph and struggle with dementia as the years … 17 $1.70


Explores Alexa’s impact on feminism and politics in Canada—her passion and compassion. 4 $0.40