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Canada’s Oil and Gas:

Security, Sustainability, and Prosperity

From: Living with Uncle


This chapter reviews Canada’s oil and natural gas outlook: remaining reserves and production; consumption, imports, and exports; and the unaccounted for and high costs of our current path. At the same time, it examines how we got here—the policy decisions that led to our excessive extraction rates and declining reserves. It then takes a look at where deep integration with the United States might take us, and the likely impacts. Finally, it points out a policy alternative, a soft-path that will ease the pace of extraction, provide greater social benefits, and help protect our local and global environment.



Diana Gibson

Diana Gibson is research director with the Alberta-based Parkland Institute. She has an extensive background in public policy on topics ranging from health care and education to energy and international trade agreements. She is co-author of The Bottom Line: The Truth Behind Private Health Insurance in Canada, Parkland/NeWest Press, 2006; and Back to Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water: Energy Trade and the Demise of Petrochemicals in Alberta, Parkland, 2005

David Thompson

David Thompson is an independent public policy researcher and organizational development consultant. His recent research interests include environmental policy, corporate accountability, energy, tobacco control, and public finance. He practised environmental law and holds postgraduate degrees in law and economics. He is co-author of Curing the Addiction to Profits: A Supply Side Approach to Phasing out Tobacco, CCPA Books, 2005.