Rosedale Ravine

From: Toronto's Ravines and Urban Forests


Naturalist Jason Ramsay-Brown explores the lost rivers and roads of Rosedale Ravine, a natural area in Toronto’s Don River watershed that encompasses the Vale of Avoca, David A. Balfour Park, and Park Drive Reservation.



Jason Ramsay-Brown

JASON RAMSAY-BROWN is President of the Toronto Field Naturalists and represented TFN on the City of Toronto's Ravine Strategy Advisory Group in 2015/2016. He served for many years as a volunteer on the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Stewardship Team, Beechwood Wetland Stewardship Team, and as a Planting Captain with the City of Toronto. Jason lectures extensively all across Toronto, advocating for the protection and growth of Toronto's ravines and the preservation of their remarkable biodiversity.