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Continuity and Change in the Discourse of Canada’s Cultural Industries

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Zoë Druick reminds readers that what we call “the cultural industries” has changed over time. How we define something determines not only what we want to study, an epistemological question, but how we want to study it and the approaches we use to do so.



Zoë Druick

Zoë Druick is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Her books include Projecting Canada: Documentary Film and Government Policy at the National Film Board (2007), Programming Reality: Perspectives on English-Canadian Television (2008), and Allan King’s A Married Couple (2010). She has also published numerous articles on reality-based and educational media in journals such as Screen, Television and New Media, Canadian Journal of Communication, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, and Studies in Documentary, as well as a number of anthologies.