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Cooperation Without Capitulation

From: Living with Uncle


Examines the challenge Canada faces from the deep integration threat and the common idea of it as an inevitability. States that Our challenge in the years ahead must be to make clear to Canadians that there is a real alternative to the stripped-down, neoliberal model of citizenship so favoured by the political right in this country, and so deeply entrenched in the United States.



Ed Broadbent

Ed Broadbent was leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 1975 to 1989. Mr. Broadbent was the first president of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (renamed Rights and Democracy). He has been a visiting fellow at Oxford, Carleton,McGill, and Queen’s universities. He edited Democratic Equality: What Went Wrong, University of Toronto Press, 2001. Mr. Broadbent is a member of the Privy Council and a Companion of the Order of Canada.