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Decolonize Hipsters


Few urban critters are more reviled than the hipster. They are notoriously difficult to define, and yet we know one when we see one. No wonder: they were among the global cultural phenomena that ushered in the 21st century. They have become a bulwark of mainstream culture, cultural commodity, status, butt of all jokes, and ready-made meme.

But frightening as it is to imagine, for more than a century hipsters have been lurking among us. Defined by their appearances and the cloud of meaning attached to them—the cool vanguard of gentrification, the personification of capitalism with a conscience—hipsters are all looks, and these looks are a visual timeline to America’s past and present.

Underlining this timeline is the pattern of American popular culture’s love/hate/theft relationship with Black culture. Yet the pattern of recycling has reached a chilling point: the 21st century hipster made all possible past fads into new trends, including and especially the old uncool. In Decolonize Hipsters, Grégory Pierrot gives us a field guide to the phenomenon, a symptom and vanguard of the wave of aggressive white supremacist sentiment now oozing from around the globe.


Grégory Pierrot

Grégory Pierrot is a professor at the University of Connecticut at Stamford. He is the author of The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture, co-editor of An Anthology of Haitian Revolutionary Fictions, and co-host of the Decolonize That! webcast series.
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In the Introduction, author Grégory Pierrot reflects on how his time in Portland inspired this book. The chapter provides a brief history of Portland and the state of Oregon, a brief … 11 $1.10


In Look at That Fucking Hipster, Pierrot provides a history of modern subcultures and where the hipster phenomenon arose from to its peak to its eventual decline post-2016. The chapter explores … 25 $2.50


In From the Hip, Pierrot explores the etymology of the word ‘hip’ and how it has been used over the centuries, before delving deeper into the larger history of white hegemonic culture … 32 $3.20


In Hipster Fascism, Pierrot focuses on the hipster subculture and its connections to fascism and white supremacy movements in recent years. As hipsters’ founding logic is based around … 33 $3.30


In Hips Don’t Lie, Pierrot reflects on the present state of hipsterdom after the Black Lives Matter movement. Pierrot provides a call to action which must reflect on and move away from … 24 $2.40