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Digital Copyright Law

In Digital Copyright Law, Professor Hutchison identifies and analyzes the many novel legal issues that often arise in this area of growing importance. This book assesses the developing law against an interpretive methodology that seeks to rationalize rights, and brings coherence to the Copyright Act, in the face of challenging digital facts. Included in this methodology is a detailed analysis of the meaning and applicability of the principle of technological neutrality.

This comprehensive treatment of Canadian digital copyright law examines the recent digital amendments to the Act in depth — including separate chapters on technological protection measures (digital locks) and the treatment of Internet intermediaries. Detailed consideration is given to developing caselaw on key issues such as the right to copy, the right to communicate a work to the public by telecommunication, the application of fair dealing rules in the digital sphere, and the use of Norwich orders to identify Internet infringers. Other issues not yet addressed in the law, such as the applicability of exhaustion rules to digital goods, and private international law rules for ubiquitous infringement, are also discussed.


Cameron Hutchison

Dr. Cameron Hutchison is a professor of law at the University of Alberta, where he has researched and taught in the areas of intellectual property law, copyright law, and statutory interpretation for the past dozen years. He is the author of numerous publications, including several pieces on the interaction between digital technology, copyright law, and legal interpretation.

Chapter Title Abstract Contributors Pages Year Price


Introduction to the legal community and educated laypersons the issues arising from the effect of digital technologies on Canadian copyright law. 12 $1.20


Consideration of approaches to statutory interpretation, particularly technological neutrality, used in response to challenges posed by digital technologies. 30 $3.00


Discussion of the rights of reproduction, telecommunication, distribution, and authorization given to original literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic works of authorship, including moral rights. 42 $4.20


Discussion of rights arising from performances, sound recordings, and broadcasts, and of the legal regime of collective management administering those neighbouring rights and copyright. 18 $1.80


Discussion of who is entitled to own copyright, circumstances in which registration is advantageous, licensing or selling of a copyright interest, contracting out of statutory provisions, the … 20 $2.00


Discussion of control and management of copyrights through technological protection measures (digital locks) and rights management information (identification of author, owner or terms of use). 22 $2.20


Discussion of an interpretive shift from an emphasis on protecting the rights of copyright holders to include protection of rights of purchasers and users of content. 30 $3.00


Discussion of the role of network services, digital memory, information location tools and infringement enablers in promoting copyright goals for information on the Internet. 16 $1.60


Examination of the public and private international law dimensions of copyright, and a proposal to improve development of Canadian rules. 23 $2.30