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Early Intervention

How Canada's social programs can work better, save lives, and often save money

Governments and social agencies tackle the toughest social problems their citizens face — poverty, homelessness, mental and physical illness, violence, abuse, and more. Yet these problems persist in Canada — in many cases, they are worsening — and the costs of the social safety net continue to rise.

New approaches have been developed by innovators frustrated by the failure of traditional programs and policies, in Canada and internationally. Many of the most promising new approaches use a strategy of early intervention — identifying and tackling problems without delay. Regardless of the problem, innovative, well-designed programs based on early intervention have generated better results for the individuals involved and for society as a whole. Often, the associated costs to government have been reduced.

In Early Intervention James Hughes showcases the best of these innovative approaches. He provides representative real-life case histories of Canadian beneficiaries of this new thinking and presents the findings of researchers who have compared the outcomes of new approaches with traditional ones.

Putting the social safety net into place was one of Canada’s great achievements in the 20th century. Revamping those programs so they make a greater contribution to the quality of life of all Canadians is the challenge for the early 21st century. In this book, James Hughes shows how this can be done. He provides the background information needed by anyone who wants to help reform and improve Canadian social policy.


James Hughes

JAMES HUGHES lives in Montreal and has worked as a senior administrator in social services for more than fifteen years. He is the founding president of the Montreal non-profit Youth Employment Services and served as director general of the Old Brewery Mis

Chapter Title Abstract Contributors Pages Year Price


An overview of Canada’s social safety net. Canadian governments are at the centre of and have control over the social safety net. They work with and through myriad partners, professionals, … 15 $1.50


The History of Canada’s Social Safety Net 15 $1.50


social responsibility and child protection 28 $2.80


This chapter describes the disability known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and details what researchers and parents say can be done about it. It also tells the story of how the policy-makers … 28 $2.80


Outlining schools, bullying and how early intervention is the key. Examines case studies 27 $2.70


This chapter is about reducing the pressure on and cost of the existing system through the scaling of evidence-based early intervention measures. The existing health system is largely a … 32 $3.20


It was poverty that brought the state dramatically into the health and social service realm, and over time, its role came to greatly exceed that of charities and the church. Federal and … 30 $3.00


Examines social policy and public health in relation to homelessness 29 $2.90


The twin purposes of this final chapter are to sum up the early intervention approach, including how its different parts might fit together, and to offer some ideas on how such an approach might … 25 $2.50