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From the Dolomites to the Dardanelles

From: The Great Class War 1914-1918


In 1915, countless allied lives, mainly Australian and New Zealander, are wasted

in a vain attempt to advance toward Istanbul via the Gallipoli Peninsula and thus

to knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war. In the meantime, the Ottomans

also have to confront the Russians, and it is in this context that the Armenians

become the victims of a veritable genocide. Italy enters the conflict on the side of

the Entente, but suffers heavy losses. Bulgaria, on the other hand, joins the Central

Powers and thus a new front opens up deep in the Balkan Peninsula . . .



Jacques R. Pauwels

JACQUES R. PAUWELS has taught European history at the University of Toronto, York University and the University of Waterloo. He is the author of several books on twentieth-century history, including The Myth of the Good War, in which he provides a revisionist look at the role of the United States and other Allied countries in the Second World War. An independent scholar, Pauwels holds PhDs in history and political science. He lives in Brantford, Ontario.