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An overview of Canada-US relations highlited the 1988 FTA, 9/11, NAFTA and trying to achieve a goal of economic unions with the US



Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. He has written widely on public policy issues, including on Canada-US relations. He is author or coauthor of three books including (with Maude Barlow) Straight Through the Heart: How the Liberals Abandoned the Just Society, HarperCollins, 1995, and Pulling Apart: The Deterioration of Employment and Income in North America Under Free Trade, CCPA, 1999

Ed Finn

Ed Finn is founding editor of the CCPA Monitor. Formerly, as a journalist, he worked at the Western Star (Corner Brook, NL), the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star, for which he wrote a weekly column on labour relations. He served for twenty-seven years as a communicator for several labour organizations, including the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He received an honourary doctorate from Memorial University in 1996.