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From: Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa


In the introduction, Robert Philpot reflects on the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the shooting down of the Rwandan president’s plane which triggered war, destruction, and massacres in Central Africa. At the same time, however, political leaders, diplomats, pundits, intellectuals, and retired generals in North America have never ceased to invoke “Rwanda” as though the word alone confers some supposed truth and moral authority on the political, military or imperial positions that they defend. “Rwanda” has been used specifically to justify violent military “humanitarian” intervention in countries such as Libya, Sudan, Mali, and Syria. Time has come to determine how a terrible tragedy has been cynically transformed into a useful imperial fiction that has nothing to do with the truth.



Robin Philpot

Robin Philpot is a Montreal writer, translator, and publisher. He has written six books in French and is co-author of A People’s History of Quebec.