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From: Too Dumb for Democracy?


The Introduction offers of reflection on how we have found ourselves in a messy world where we must make important decisions. The title of the book asks, “Are we too dumb for democracy?” because we are often made to feel as if we are. But the answer is: No, we’re not too dumb for democracy. We are, however, often stuck in situations that encourage or lead us to make dumb — or what the author prefers to call “bad” — political decisions. He argues that it’s not that we lack the capacity to make good political decisions but rather that we do not have the incentives, skills, resources, or opportunities to do so.



David Moscrop

David Moscrop is a political theorist with an interest in democratic deliberation and citizenship. Moscrop is a regular writer for Maclean’s, a contributing columnist to the Washington Post, and a regular political commentator on television and radio. He has also authored pieces in numerous other newspapers and magazines including the Globe and Mail and National Post.