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Jason & David


From: Between Certain Death and a Possible Future


In this chapter, the author discusses his attempts to create a performance piece that juxtaposed images from his childhood with stories and images from the lives of gay artists who had died of AIDS. As he writes, "I attempted to create a space of healing, but I really fucked it up."



Dan Fishback

Dan Fishback is a playwright, performing songwriter, and host of the podcast Sick Day with Dan Fishback. His plays include Rubble Rubble, The Material World, thirtynothing, and You Will Experience Silence. Fishback has released several albums, both solo and with his band Cheese On Bread, which dropped The One Who Wanted More in 2018, along with a video for their song “Bad Friend,” directed by Stephen Winter. As director of the Helix Queer Performance Network, Fishback created La MaMa Experimental Theatre’s annual series La MaMa’s Squirts: Generations of Queer Performance. He is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace.