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Leftover Lovers


From: Between Certain Death and a Possible Future


This chapter details the author’s experience with his school’s abstinance only sex education, which was stigmatizing, and the structural oppression that governed the lives of queer students.



Edric Figueroa

Edric Figueroa is a queer, first-generation Peruvian American born in New York and raised in Georgia who strives to build self-determination, embrace the intersections of identity, and address the structural determinants of health in his professional and personal endeavors. Through grassroots organizing and HIV prevention work in Atlanta, Edric grew resilient and connected to activists across the country. He spent six years in Seattle, supporting LGBTQ survivors of violence, families, and youth before returning home to Georgia in 2019. He stays loving, grateful, and accountable to his values through the support of a community that stretches across coasts and borders.