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ISBN: 9781552210291-11

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Preventive Detention

From: Law of Sentencing


Explores the question of preventive detention, focusing on its comparison with life sentences, the history of preventive detention in Canada, the dangerous offenders provision, preventive detention focusing on long-term offenders and recognizances under sections 810.1, 810.2 and 810.01 of the Criminal Code.



Allan Manson

Allan Manson is Professor of Law at Queen’s University, specializing in the areas of sentencing and prison law. Prior to joining the faculty at Queen’s, he practised criminal law. He has also served as Deputy Judge on the Yukon Territorial Court. He is an Associate Editor of the Criminal Reports and has been a long-standing member of the Canadian Bar Association’s Committee on Release and Imprisonment. He is the author of numerous articles dealing with criminal law issues, co-author of the text Release from Imprisonment: The Law of Parole, Sentencing and Judicial Review (1990) and co-author of the casebook Sentencing and Penal Policy (2000). Professor Manson was Project Director of the Ontario Law Reform Commission study of the coroner system.