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Proactive Poverty Reduction

From: Early Intervention


It was poverty that brought

the state dramatically into the health and social service realm, and over

time, its role came to greatly exceed that of charities and the church. Federal

and provincial governments of different political stripes and persuasions

have come and gone over the years, but virtually none has put into

question the fundamental mandate of the state to alleviate poverty. It is

one of the bedrocks of Canadian political reality. While balancing political

dynamics in different ways, the federal and provincial governments,

whether led by Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, Social Credit, or

Parti Quebecois,

have respected a deep moral and historical obligation to

ensure that poverty is not a death sentence.



James Hughes

JAMES HUGHES lives in Montreal and has worked as a senior administrator in social services for more than fifteen years. He is the founding president of the Montreal non-profit Youth Employment Services and served as director general of the Old Brewery Mis