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Smashing Heads Doesn’t Open Minds

From: I'm Right and You're an Idiot


The brain is designed with blind spots, optical and psychological, and one of its cleverest tricks is to confer on us the comforting delusion that we, personally, do not have any. In a sense, dissonance theory is a theory of blind spots — of how and why people unintentionally blind themselves so that they fail to notice vital events and information that might make them question their behavior or their convictions.


James Hoggan

James Hoggan is president of the PR firm Hoggan & Associates and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation board. A tireless advocate for ethics and integrity in public relations, he founded the influential website DeSmogBlog to expose misinformation campaigns that pollute public debate around climate change and the environment. He has advised a wide range of organizations, governments, universities and corporations, and is a sought-after speaker around North America and Europe. Hoggan has chaired and served on numerous national and international boards and advisory committees including the Four Great Rivers Society and Shell Global’s External Review Committee. He is the author of Climate Cover-Up and Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for a Skeptical Public.