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Taking Action: Gender-Based Violence, Disability, and the Social Determinants of Health

Disability and Abuse Women with Disabilities “Chat” about Violene Macro-and Micro-Structural Change Notes References

From: Not A New Problem




Karen K. Yoshida

Karen K. Yoshida is Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her PhD is in Community Health with an emphasis in the sociology of health and disability.

Mary Bunch

Mary Bunch is a Faculty Lecturer at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at McGill University She received her PhD in Theory and Criticism from the University of Western Ontario.

Fran Odette

Fran Odette is a lecturer at George Brown College in Toronto where she teaches in the Assaulted Women and Children's Counsellor Advocate Program.

Susan L. Hardie

Susan L. Hardie is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies. She has worked for over three decades in various capacities in the cross-disability field inclusive of mental health.

Heather Willis

Heather Willis has a BA in Disability Studies from Ryerson University and a post-graduate diploma in Disability Studies from the University of Leeds.