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The Charter and Human Rights

From: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms


The concluding chapter assesses the effect of the Charter and s. 35 on the general respect for human rights in Canada. It argues that while the Charter itself may have had only limited success in promoting mutual respect across the board — which is what rights are all about — its impact has been felt in other ways. It has given hope and respect to some groups of disadvantaged Canadians. It has provided politicians with new challenges in dealing with the rule of law and facing perplexing human rights issues. It has provided new interdisciplinary challenges for lawyers, judges, and expert witnesses in preparing for cases. The Charter continues to have a positive potential for helping to promote human rights. I suggest some strategies that may help to nurture this potential and, at the same time, strengthen our democratic institutions.



Ian Greene

IAN GREENE was a professor of political science at York University, where he served as Dean of Arts and Science. He has written widely about judges, judging, and the Canadian court system. His other books include Honest Politics (with David P. Shugarman) and Judges and Judging (with Peter McCormick). Ian lives in Toronto.