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The End of Politics

From: The Great Class War 1914-1918


1914. When war breaks out, the elite is delighted, and understandably so: strikes and

other social troubles suddenly come to an end, the revolutionary threat goes up

in smoke, and the political and social-economic position of the still-dominant

combination of nobility and upper-middle class is “frozen.” The democratization

process, previously seemingly irresistible, is brought to a standstill and even rolled

back; and it proves possible to undo many of the social gains made by the working

class before the war . . .


Jacques R. Pauwels

JACQUES R. PAUWELS has taught European history at the University of Toronto, York University and the University of Waterloo. He is the author of several books on twentieth-century history, including The Myth of the Good War, in which he provides a revisionist look at the role of the United States and other Allied countries in the Second World War. An independent scholar, Pauwels holds PhDs in history and political science. He lives in Brantford, Ontario.