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The Futures of Grassroots Activism

Key Themes to Keep in Mind

From: Quiet No More


Chapter six provides this book with the conclusion that brings together the insights of previous chapters. Above all, I argue that activists are faced with two important tasks: first, to embrace the anti-systemic ideas of recent grassroots activism; and second, to champion the bottom-up forms of political organization that have characterized dissent in recent years. In the process, activists can avoid alliances with projects involving “lesser evils” and expand on the exciting forms of activism documented in this book. There are, as I explain, historical lessons that offer clues about how grassroots activism can be nurtured and broadened in the places, ideas, and organizations of today’s effective protest movements. The key dilemma, and it is one that is open to interpretation, is whether grassroots activism will remain possible in the years and decades ahead.



Joel D. Harden

JOEL D. HARDEN works as a social justice consultant in Ottawa and currently teaches at Carleton University in the Department of Law and Legal Studies. During his term as Adjunct Professor at Brock University he served as union liaison for its Centre for Labour Studies. He is an advisory board member for Our Times Magazine and has written numerous academic and general articles. He lives in Ottawa.