Transitions and Interruptions, 1948–1955

From: The Golden Age of Liberalism


1948-1955. These seven years would be a time of unexpected movement, of plans begun and changed because of family needs, as well as unanticipated successes. These were years in which his ideas—not only of Acadian life but also of Quebec society, the place of that province in Canada, and the place of Canada itself—sharpened and deepened. Above all, these were years in which his knowledge of mid-twentieth-century world politics became a matter of both personal experience and academic study. His time was split between Montreal and the Maritimes during these years



Naomi E. S. Griffiths

NAOMI E. S. GRIFFITHS is recognized for her pioneering work in the fields of Acadian and women's history. She was a professor in the department of history at Carleton for many years, and she is the author or co-author of nine books, including The Context of Acadian History. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.