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Canada and the American Empire

From: Canada Since 1960: A People's History


Canadian Dimension’s focus on national independence, foreign policy and relations with the United States during the past fifty years has remained remarkably consistent. From its beginning the argument has been that Canada is vulnerable to the elephantine proximity of the US. Governed by two dominant political parties that primarily express the interests of a class of capital aligned with evolving American imperialism, Canada is pulled ever deeper into the vortex of economic, political and military subordination. Public opinion polls and articles, editorials, opinion columns, and letters-to-the-editor of major newspapers today reflect much of the critique to be found in Canadian Dimension. CD, for all its continuity is anything but irrelevant — but it has yet to ignite a sustained broad national movement for independence and socialism.



Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts helped to build the social science faculty at the University of Regina in 1966, where he worked for the remainder of his academic career. His research has focused on the struggle for socialism, campaigns for peace and social justice and environmental issues.