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Demonstrations on Campus and the Case of Israeli Apartheid Week

From: Academic Freedom in Conflict


Richard Moon takes up the question of whether there should be more restrictions on freedom of expression in the university in order for it to fulfill its educational mission, noting that the injury of racist and other forms of bigoted speech may be more harmful in the closer environment and tighter community of the campus. He identifies potential problems with greater restriction of expression within the university and explores the issues through an examination of the annual campus Israeli Apartheid Week.



Richard Moon

RICHARD MOON is a Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor. He is the author of The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression (2000) and Freedom of Conscience and Religion (2014), editor of Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (2008) and a contributing editor to Canadian Constitutional Law (4th ed) (2010). His current research deals with freedom of religion and is funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He was the President of the Canadian Law and Society Association from 2003—05. He has been the recipient of both the law school and university-wide teaching awards at the University of Windsor.