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Protecting the Integrity of Academic Work in Corporate Collaborations

From: Academic Freedom in Conflict


I point out examples of the corporate undermining of scientific inquiry, review studies on the extent to which universities have compromised their academic integrity in corporate collaborations, and discuss recent initiatives that point the way to protecting academic integrity and academic freedom when universities enter into partnerships with corporate or special interest groups.



James L Turk

JAMES L. TURK is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. He has written extensively on education, academic freedom, civil liberties, commercialization, and related public policy issues. His has edited a number of books, including Universities at Risk, Free Speech in Fearful Times (with Allan Manson), Disciplining Dissent: the Curbing of Free Expression in Academia and the Media (with William Bruneau), and The Corporate Campus. Jim is Adjunct Research Professor at the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University and a member of the Executive and of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.