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Seeking Pathways to Sustainable Food

From: Resilience Imperative


Food production has been transformed from a local affair into a complex web of supply chains crisscrossing the planet that miraculously deliver a multitude of foodstuffs right to our doorstep. Today, farming, including crop and pasture land, covers 40 percent of the globe, accounts for 70 percent of consumptive water use, and employs approximately 40 percent of the population worldwide. By contrast, less than 2 percent of the US population lives on productive farms today.



Michael Lewis

At 25, Mike Lewis founded what is now known as the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal. Ever since he has been engaged community economic development (CED), development finance and the social and co-operative economy. He is a prolific author and a respected practitioner. From entrepreneurial development to building national networks, from strategic assistance to CED organizations in impoverished settings to designing tools and curriculum to strengthen community resilience, Mike has led hundreds of projects over the last 35 years. Drawing on this diverse experience, motivated by his grandchildren and increasingly conscious of the interplay of climate change, peak oil and the outrageous excesses of the global finance industry, Mike considers the issues and innovations outlined in ‘The Resilience Imperative’ as the core focus of his vocation.

Pat Conaty

Pat Conaty is a Californian working in England and Wales. He is a Fellow of new economics foundation and a research associate of Co-operatives UK. He specializes in action research on innovative forms of economic democracy and mutual enterprise. His work has been mainly in the fields of household debt solutions, community development finance and community land trusts.