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Starting With Me

From: Educating for Action


This chapter focuses on how to use your daily activities to create a more just and ethical world. The chapter stresses the benefits of using your everyday life as a means to your politics. While I do on occasion make passing reference to the limitations of this technique, I definitely believe that “everyday activism” is a great place to start — it’s personal, political, and effective.


Larry Albert Butz

Larry Albert Butz is an activist who has campaigned for reorientation toward environment, compassion for animals, equality and social justice, an end to corruption and secrecy in American government, and an expansion of fair trade practices in the marketplace. Since relocating to Houston in 2012, he has become secretary and student outreach coordinator for the Houston Animal Rights Team and a member of the Rice Progressives. As a PhD student in English at Rice University, Larry works in the fields of Critical Animal Studies and Bio/Zoopolitics, studying historical figurings of animality as well as posthumanism.