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Supressing a Worldwide Movement of Liberty, Equality and the Unity of Humankind

From: Patriots, Traitors and Empires


Chapter seven, Suppressing a Worldwide Movement for Liberty, Equality, and the Unity of Humankind focuses on the ideology of the communist movements growing in number across the colonial world, which the United States so vehemently wanted to suppress and eliminate. The communist movement, with its emphasis on social and economic security in the industrial core, and national liberation in the periphery, was decried in Washington as the bearer of a hostile ideology, which, it was feared, might bring the resources of Eurasia under popular control. The decision to organize a definite government of South Korea was taken to benefit Japan’s titans of industry, finance, and commerce in service to the construction of a US empire, and in opposition to the worldwide movement for liberty, equality and human solidarity.



Stephen Gowans

Stephen Gowans is an independent political analyst whose principal interest is in who influences formulation of foreign policy in the United States. His writings, which appear on his What’s Left blog, have been reproduced widely in online and print media in many languages and have been cited in academic journals and other scholarly works.