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The Golden Age of Liberalism

A Portrait of Roméo LeBlanc

This book explores the life and times of Roméo LeBlanc, one of Canada’s most popular and successful politicians and statesmen. Probably best known as the long-standing fisheries minister in Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet from 1974 to 1982, LeBlanc’s career spanned the golden era of Liberalism in Canada. He capped his career during the nineties as the country’s twenty-fifth governor general.

Historian Naomi E. S. Griffiths spent many years reading through LeBlanc’s papers and interviewing many of his colleagues to explore the worlds he moved in — Paris in the late forties and early fifties, world capitals during his time as a journalist, and then Ottawa. As a writer with an in-depth knowledge of the Acadian communities of the Maritimes, she knows his roots very well. Her biography covers his early years in New Brunswick where he was born into rural poverty, his years as a journalist in Ottawa, his heyday as a minister in Trudeau’s cabinet, and his years at Rideau Hall. Along the way, Ms. Griffiths reveals many intriguing insights about her subject’s contemporaries, including Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, and Jean Chrétien. She also discusses the importance of LeBlanc’s Acadian heritage in animating all that he did.

This engrossing biography illuinates the life of one of Canada’s most beloved politicians and statesmen and, with it, a fascinating era in our history.


Naomi E. S. Griffiths

NAOMI E. S. GRIFFITHS is recognized for her pioneering work in the fields of Acadian and women's history. She was a professor in the department of history at Carleton for many years, and she is the author or co-author of nine books, including The Context of Acadian History. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Chapter Title Abstract Contributors Pages Year Price


Outlines the authors experience with Romeo Leblanc and why she chose to write his biography ; 16 $1.60


Outlines Romeo LeBlanc’s selection to the position of Governor General, the mixed opinions of the media to the nomination, a background history of the Acadians and how this history relates … 20 $2.00


1927-1948. Outlines Romeo LeBlanc’s family history, his early life growing up in Corimer’s Cove (including statistics on education, resources, etc at the time), goes over the cost of … 34 $3.40


1948-1955. These seven years would be a time of unexpected movement, of plans begun and changed because of family needs, as well as unanticipated successes. These were years in which his … 47 $4.70


1955-1960. His time teaching at New Brunswick’s Teachers’ College, In 1959 he left Fredericton for Ottawa and an opportunity at Radio Canada to become a political journalist, 40 $4.00


1962-1966. Outlines Romeo LeBlanc’s time as a foreign correspondent for Radio-Canada in both London and Washington the reports that he made and stories he covered are outlined, also … 43 $4.30


1966-1971. Outlines LeBlanc’s time at the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, ends with the October crisis and LeBlanc’s decision to return to New Brunswick 42 $4.20


1971-1974. His return to New Brunswick to teach which quickly morphed into the decision to run in the constiuency of Westmorland-Kent for the Liberal Party and his life as an MP 28 $2.80


1974-1982. LeBlanc is appointed a junior Cabinet minister resposible for fisheries in the department of the environment in 1974, in 1976 a shift in the Cabinet makes him the minister of the … 38 $3.80


1982-1999. Examines the creation of the new Constitution act of 1982 and LeBlanc’s hand in it, his cabinet position shifts to public works, his work in the senate, his appointment to the … 51 $5.10


2000-2009, outlines LeBlanc’s return to New Brunswick and his life in retirement, outlines his funeral 11 $1.10