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The Modern North, 1945–1985

From: North of Superior


Most historians agree that the end of the Second World War ushered in a new era in Canada. The economic and social upheaval that had dominated the 1930s became a thing of the past, and the 1950s and 1960s were, for most Canadians, a period of growth and prosperity. The province of Ontario experienced unprecedented growth, its population doubling to 8.2 million between 1946 and 1976. Examines changing political winds, the post-war forest industry, mining roads and railways, the growth of tourism, resource development and political change, expansion of education, Aboriginal Rights Movement, economic discord separatist movements and royal commissions.


Michel S. Beaulieu

MICHEL S. BEAULIEU is Assistant Professor and Northern Ontario specialist in the Department of History at Lakehead University

Chris Southcott

CHRIS SOUTHCOTT is Professor of Sociology at Lakehead University and a Research Associate at Yukon College.