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The Right to Think Otherwise

From: Academic Freedom in Conflict


Mark Gabbert addresses the same issues, starting from a concern that “a too one-sided emphasis on professional norms risks having the effect of producing not critical minds but . . . well, normal academics.” He critically examines different perspectives and also ends with a discussion of the Churchill case to highlight the key issues he sees it raising with respect to academic freedom and disciplinary norms.



Mark A. Gabbert

MARK A. GABBERT is Associate Professor and past head of the Department of History at the University of Manitoba. He earned his PhD. at the University of California at Santa Barbara and specializes in twentieth-century world history and the history of socialism. He is a past-president of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association and is currently in his second term as a member of the CAUT Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee. With John Baker, he is the co-author of the “Report of the CAUT Ad Hoc Investigative Committee into Academic Freedom at Canadian Mennonite University.”