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Theorizing Our Social Selves

Microsocial Theories of Symbolic Interaction and Dramaturgy

From: Restless Ideas


The Rise of Microsocial Theories … 232

Other Microsocial Theories … 235

George Herbert Mead: Original Pioneer of Symbolic Interactionism … 239

The Vocabulary of Interactionism … 241

Microsocial Theories and the Microscopic Focus … 245

Herbert Blumer: First Ambassador for Symbolic Interactionism … 247

The Dramaturgical Theory of Erving Goffman … 251

The Online Social Self … 261

The Future of Symbolic Interactionism … 265

References … 270



Tony Simmons

Tony Simmons teaches sociology at Athabasca University. He is the author of Revitalizing the Classics: What Past Social Theorists Can Teach Us Today and co-author of Reading Organizational Theory: A Critical Approach to the Study of Organizational Behaviour and Structure.