Chapter 8: Bill C-11 and the Two Senators (2022–2023)


From: Canada Vs California


In chapter 8, author Howard Law tracks the proposed changes to the bill as it moved through the senate. He follows key compromises made by both liberal and conservative appointees, and closely follows changes tabled by senator mark gold, senator Julie Mivillie-Dechêne, and senator Paula Simons. The chapter ends with the bill moving forward to Royal assent and the beginning of public hearings on its implementation.



Howard Law

Howard Law is an advocate working to defend the interests of Canadian journalists. An activist and writer, he is the author of As an expert on the fight for Canadian content, Howard spent his career in the labour movement. He was the media director for Unifor from 2013 to 2021, representing journalists and media workers before the CRTC and Parliamentary committees. He lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario.