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From: Patriots, Traitors and Empires


Chapter two, Imperialism focuses on defining imperialism and how it relates to both the history of Korea and its present day geopolitics. Imperialism is the activity, enterprise and methodology of building empires. There are a number of ways empires can be built. One is by establishing colonies, but there are other ways as well. As the chapter explores, there were five important drivers of capitalist imperialism: the need for (1) raw materials, (2) markets, and (3) investment opportunities; the need (4) to hold territory for strategic reasons to protect supply and shipping routes; and the need for (5) outlets to settle surplus populations, made redundant by the mechanization- driven displacement of subsistence farming class and gender. This chapter examines both Japanese and US imperialism in the region.



Stephen Gowans

Stephen Gowans is an independent political analyst whose principal interest is in who influences formulation of foreign policy in the United States. His writings, which appear on his What’s Left blog, have been reproduced widely in online and print media in many languages and have been cited in academic journals and other scholarly works.