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Footprints in the Sand? Or Handprints in Cement?

From: Beverley McLachlin


Provides a review of McLachlin’s lasting legacy and the continuing influence her work has had on Canadian society.



Ian Greene

IAN GREENE is a University Professor Emeritus at York University, where he has taught public policy and administration since 1985. He was the founding director of York's Masters program in Public Policy, Administration and Law. Greene's most recent book is Honest Politics Now (with David P. Shugarman). He is also the author of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Peter McCormick

PETER McCORMICK has taught at Lakehead University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Lethbridge. He retired in 2015. He is the author of Supreme at Last. He lives in Lethbridge, Alberta.