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The United Nations in the 21st Century

Grappling with the world's most challenging issues: militarism, the environment, human rights, inequality

After more than seven decades, the United Nations embodies humanity’:s hopes for peace, security, social justice, human rights, equality for women, and a voice for all. At the same time, it’:s where the conflicts and tensions amongst the governments and peoples of the world are often expressed.

Douglas Roche — who has spent his lifetime in the cause of peace as a Canadian member of parliament, ambassador, and senator — offers a brief account of the UN’:s role in the world today. He focuses on the most important issues: the use of military force in conflicts, the challenges of global warming and climate change, deep disparities between rich and poor, and the ongoing battle for equal human rights for all.

He describes the wide range of activities of the United Nations in these areas. He acknowledges the organization’:s failures and weaknesses, while pointing out its many successes — some little known to the world’:s citizens.

Roche documents how the UN is working to address key issues that threaten humanity’:s future, using its unique position in the world to promote the ideals that gave it birth. Though its success is far from assured, he sees the UN as humanity’:s best hope for the future.

This book offers insight into an organization whose work is often decried by critics, often ignored by political leaders, and often invisible to the world’:s public.


Douglas Roche

DOUGLAS ROCHE was Canada's Ambassador for Disarmament to the UN from 1984 to 1989, serving as Chairman of the UN Disarmament Committee in 1988. He is an author, parliamentarian, and diplomat, who has specialized throughout his forty-year public career in peace and human security issues.

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- 4 $0.40


The history of how the UN has proved itself to the people in its efforts to avert another World War. 10 $1.00


This chapter looks at the obstacle that militarism presents to the UN. Most policies implimented by states are militaristic in nature. 10 $1.00


This chapter analyzes the charity efforts undertaken by the UN to reduce global poverty and highlights the new goals instituted to be achieved by 2030. 11 $1.10


This chapter explores how the UN’s concern for environmental issues showcases how the organization has evolved to respond to the evolving needs of humanity 9 $0.90


This chapter details how the UN navigates a divided world in it’s efforts to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 9 $0.90


Security Council Resolution 1325 as a perfect example of the mission of the UN: challenging discrimination, social justice, recognizing obstacles, and renewing determination to overcome failures … 7 $0.70


This chapter focuses the ways in which Non-Governmental Organization communicate the voice of the people to the UN and shapes resolutions. This chapter also considers the term "civil … 8 $0.80


This chapter investigates needed reforms for the organization. 6 $0.60


This chapter highlights the need of the UN in order to bring the world from terrorism to a culture of peace. 6 $0.60