What materials are included in the promotion?

All items you find in the current Canadian CourseReadings library. Professors and Instructors are eligible to select up to 50% of a work. If you would like to access additional chapters, please contact us. 

How can I access the material I select?

You will receive your digital selection via email once you have completed your order, using the coupon code CCR2020. The material will be provided as a single PDF combining all items selected. Your file will  include a cover page with details of the course the material has been ordered for, a contents page and a copyright page at the beginning of each chapter selected. 

When does this promotion expire?

The Free 20/21 Course Material offer will be open until 31 July 2020 or until the funding for this initiative is exhausted. If you see the offer on our website, it is available. 

Who is eligible to order free course materials?

Our offer is open to professors and course instructors teaching in Canadian post-secondary institutions, seeking course reading material for courses. 

Can I split up the PDF into separate chapters?

If you do not wish for your chapters to be combined, deselect the “Collate My Files” option at checkout.  

What are the use-restrictions for the files?

Files from Canadian CourseReadings are for a single course adoption only. Copyright clearance expires 30 April 2021.  If you wish to order the material for a future course, you can do so at any time on our website. 

Will students need to pay to access the files?

No. Our files are for you to distribute to your students, free. There is no code required to open the files.  

Can students download the file from the Learning Management System? 

Yes. The licence for free use expires at the end of the course, or on 30 April 2021. File usage is governed by the licence stated on the copyright page of the PDF package. 

What information do I need to provide to order my selection?

At checkout, you will be asked for details about your course and expected enrollment. This information will be presented on the cover page of the PDF document we generate from your selection. Please be sure to add our email address ([email protected]) to your contact list so any email from us does not disappear into your junk folder. 

Can I order material for research purposes?

No. Should you wish to use any materials you find on our site for research, please follow the link provided to the item listing on the publisher’s website. 

Is this offer available to professors outside Canada? 

This promotion is only available for course use in Canada. If you are outside Canadaplease contact us directly at [email protected]. 

Will I receive an invoice? 

We will send an itemized invoice along with your digital selection, via email. This documentation can be provided to your copyright office, campus bookstore or procurement officer. 

How are the publishers paid for the work? 

In these unprecedented times, Canadian CourseReadings is covering the cost (averaging 10 cents per student per page.)  

Can I order a printed copy? 

We can supply you with printed copies of your PDF. The cost per copy will reflect only the printing, binding and shipping costs involved in producing these print versions. Contact us at  [email protected] for details and pricing. We can also supply the file to your copyright office or campus bookstore for printing. 

Can I request a title I don’t see on your site?

Participating Canadian publishers have selected titles to add to our collection, and we are constantly adding new titles – both recently released, and older titles. We are also recruiting additional independent Canadian publishers to participate in this project. If there is a book you would like to be able to access on our platform, please contact us.

I have a question which is not answered here. How can I reach you? 

We can be reached at [email protected], or by phone at (902) 209-5179. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8-4 EST. Our office is remaining open during the Covid-19 period.