Constance MacIntosh

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Indigenous Righs and Relations with Animals

Seeing beyond Canadian Law

From: Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law


Examination of the limits of Canadian law on the understanding of the relationship between animals and the legal rights of Indigenous peoples. 22 $2.20 Add

The Reconciliation Doctrine in the McLachlin Court

From a “Final Legal Remedy” to a “Just and Lasting” Process

From: Public Law at the McLachlin Court


This paper focuses on the issue that runs through much of the Aboriginal jurisprudence over the last ten years: the idea of “reconciliation.” This term is evoked as a norm in … 33 $3.30 Add

The Right to Safe Water and Crown-Aboriginal Fiduciary Law

Litigating a Resolution to the Public Health Hazards of On-reserve Water Problems

From: Advancing Social Rights in Canada


Exploration of whether fiduciary law could allow Indigenous peoples living on reserves to gain consistent access to safe drinking water. 607 $60.70 Add